Regenerative Wellness Workshop

Saturday, January 27, 2018 * 2:00 - 5:00 pm

@ Yoga By Nini Fitness & Wellness Studio in Northridge, a C2E Stress Management Hub

Make this your Year of Change!

Yoga by Nini and Coach2Edify Foundation are thrilled to bring you an event dedicated to Kick Off the year with solid Foundations of Well-Being. 

Join us to collectively strategize our wellness plans for 2018, in a way that is customized and based on YOUR needs. We just facilitate the road to ask the right questions so that you can hear your inner guidance about what is that your health is calling for in 2018.

We will have tools to organize your personal practice of well-being as well as a collection of regenerative living* specialists ready to offer practical, DIY, sustainable forms of self-care for expansion of balance and peace of mind in your life.

*The term "regenerative" describes processes that restore, renew or revitalize our own sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. Our bodies are nature, organic, made of the same natural intelligence as the rest of the Earth and Universe. We hold the same capacities, natural intelligence, to revitilize, and heal our bodies constantly.

Enjoy an afternoon perusing different fitness and wellness modalities to see what speaks to your heart.  Leave with a "get fit plan" for the year! 



Jose Federico Muñoz

Jose is a Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar for the Maya Chorti, quiche, Mam and Kakchiquel people. Additionally, Jose Federico is the carrier of the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529 for which he works in what he calls the Northern Territories which range from Guatemala to the west of Alaska and to the East of Montreal.

Jose is also the permanent Guardian of a crystal skull called “Kame Cimi” which he says is the 33rd Crystal Skull or the “Manifestation Skull”. This skull was found in a creek by a village in the Amazonas in Argentina. Eventually this crystal skull found its way to some Japanese Tourists in 1981 and then was gifted to Jose Federico in 1992.  In addition to Kame Cimi, he recently (July 11, 2015) has been entrusted with the Mongolian Ancient Skulls of Harmony, Peace and Love. His crystal skull accompanies him everywhere and participates in many ceremonies and meditations for World Peace.

He has been dedicated to world peace since 2008 and works with several other peace groups. As Jose says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”. {Note: Jose Federico currently is based out of southern California.}


Mayra McCullough, CPT, CMTA, CN, CPLC

Mayra McCullough, Coach2Edify’s Founder and President, is both a nine-year veteran of the Hollywood film industry and an elite Personal Trainer. Her passion and skill have brought her much success in both the film and fitness industries.

Mayra takes education seriously: after acquiring her Bachelor’s from UCLA with a focus on film and television, she worked as an Assistant Director on feature films prior to working at the exclusive Equinox gym for over five years as a Tier 3+ Trainer and Master Instructor. She has since earned over 15 certifications in fitness training, various modalities of movement and nutrition, as well as Certificate of Distinction from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) for having demonstrated a commitment to education beyond standard requirements.

On 2015 she hit the number of 10,000 physical training hours to date and champions fitness in all its forms. This gives Mayra permission to call herself a Master Fitness Trainer.

Mayra’s desire to assist people from all walks of life in experiencing complete integration of body, mind and spirit, as well as her desire to give to her community, are the foundation for the C2E’s landmark of success.

In 2015 she also reached her 10 year mark in the fitness industry. Her practice has evolved to what she now calls Body Integration Specialist, a holistic approach to fitness which intends to integrate every component of yourself. Mayra is not only a Personal Trainer anymore, but a Meditation GuideInner Explorations Guide, and a Regeneration Guide. Regeneration is the process of tapping into our body’s ability to constantly be producing new cells. As we stay calibrated MOST of the time, through the S.O.S. system that she teaches (Self Optimization Sanctuary), people feel like they are getting younger.

Mayra’s passion for Conscious Evolution (which happened to be part of C2E acronym by default!) is expressed in a series of ‘behind the scenes’ practices where like-minded individuals are co-creating heaven on planet earth (H.O.P.E.) with Mayra.


Dr. Tim DeLorey

Tim DeLorey, Ph.D., Regenerative DesignerTim is a highly published research scientist with a keen interest in exploring the “Natural Intelligence” expressed within the workings of the human “being” as well as through one’s relationship with the Nature.

Tim has been highly involved in permaculture for the past six years and is regularly involved in designing permaculture initiatives.

He is also a longtime member of theTransition Town Initiative in Joshua Tree (TJT). His current research interests range from the design of drylands permaculture systems to exploring soil building strategies, water harvesting methodologies, building with earthen materials, assessing nutritional densities of native desert plants and readdressing the concepts of what it means to be truly healthy (biohacking).  Through consultations, lecturing, workshops facilitation and publications, he is contributing his unique perspective to fostering a transition towards a more balanced way of being.

Eden Regenerative Design (ERD), Tim’s company based currently in Joshua Tree, California, aims to help clients move towards developing a healthy, balanced working relationship with their internal and external environments.  This is achieved through a deepening understanding of the relationship between our internal biochemistry, our humanness, and the biochemistry inherent to our natural surroundings. By first recognizing the deep patterns inherent in Nature we can begin the process of designing systems that support internal (biohacking) and external ecosystems (permaculture) resulting in regenerative human health and habitation.  This approach involves a collaborative effort between the client, ERD and a number of talented contractors, consultants and artisans that encompass a wide range of specific skill sets.


Lynn Elishaw

She is a sacred artist and an English Language Arts Teacher (20 years+, ages 3-Adults, honors, autistic, at-risk inner city, incarcerated). She is also a regular arts n crafts Art teacher (Montessori school ages 3-7). She has taught meditation/art workshops as well as performed as a Poet/Actor/Singer. She is a world traveled lady. And also is a caretaker of her father (for 20 years thus…he had quintuple bypasses in 1997 and strokes beyond number, partially blind now) This man is her first art teacher.

“When I harness a person’s request/intent in the universe (a prayer if you will) in meditation, I paint with a deeply pointed focus. Sometimes to the point where I can be more empathetic and emotive like a method actor–except I’m not acting. I’m communing from the deep well The Great Mystery . I draw parallels of that person’s intent into metaphoric symbols and sacred wisdoms and teachings. Insodoing…? The real magic of mind/matter/murkaba merge into something one calls “sacred art”. And it serves as a manifesting diving board with strong flexible foundations of deliberate thought.”